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[h4] Kris Roadruck [/h4]

[h6] Search Engine Optimization Guy  /  +1  360  878-1680[/h6]

Kris has been involved in the search industry since 2008 and in web/tech for over a decade. He can frequently be found at industry conferences (and occasionally speaking at them). His areas of expertise include enterprise level sales, scalable linkbuilding strategies, application design, outsourcing and building international collaborative teams.

Founding member and former Director of SEO at Click2Rank. Currently spends time running the new search marketing firm Search Fanatics with his Co-Founder/Brother Kris Reeves.

[h5]Kris is currently available for freelance / consulting work in the following key areas[/h5]



[h3]Search Engine Optimization[/h3]

Whether it is an in-depth on-site audit or a fully executed off-site link building strategy, Kris can help. Work directly with an expert at a reasonable price.




[h3]Content Writing Services[/h3]

It’s no secret. Google loves content. There is just one catch. Google only loves GREAT content. Kris is an experienced writer, blogger and avid researcher. If you want top notch high quality content, look no further.